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Our Mission

‘For Kids Only’ Child Care Center is concerned with growth in the emotional, physical, cognitive, social and lingual areas of development as well as creative and cultural. Varied classroom interest centers, learning games, class projects and the staff’s creative approach to spontaneous inquiries by the children will provide many days of discovery and learning in an exciting and fun way.


6 weeks – 16 months

Our infant program focuses on movement, language, stimulation, emotional security and social development.


16 months – 33 months

Our toddler program focuses on physical movement, language development, cognitive thinking, arts, creative play and self-esteem, all while fulfilling their curiosity.


33 months – Kinder

Our high quality preschool programming focuses on physical development along  with a STEAM education approach that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, along with literacy and communications. 

School Age

K+ Grades and Up

Our school age program combines self management and emotional awareness to promote independence along with some organized sports, group collaboration and many STEAM opportunities.